Nice to meet you.
We’re the people at green®.
And we’re on a mission to make you feel good, all over.

Our Mission

Sure, if you’re just chilling at home in your favorite sweats, you feel nice and cozy. But what happens if you have to jump up and go walk the dog, or run out to meet friends for coffee? Yeah… exactly. We realized what you needed, and set out to create it: footwear that lets you take that comfy, at-home feeling with you pretty much anywhere you go.

Fortunately, we had the skills and experience to do it: green® started making footwear about 50 years ago, developing serious expertise in casual shoes and slippers. 
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And we came up with lots of good ideas: 3 styles of sleek, cool-looking casual shoes that deliver all the comfort of our slippers. Shoes that feel great whether you’re relaxing at home, or getting active - running out to meet friends or pick up dinner. Relaxed and active in the same shoe. That’s why we named them greenReActives®

Our Philosophy

We started Green because we wanted to make shoes that made people feel good. But we didn’t want to stop there. We also wanted to make shoes that tread lightly on our planet. 

So we use renewable and recycled materials in our shoes. We manufacture them responsibly. And we even ship them in environmentally friendly packaging. You can learn more on our Sustainability page

It comes down to this: when you wear greenReActives®footwear, your head and your heart can feel as good as your feet.